5 Things you Need to Know About YoloLiv YoloBox

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Make your live video different from the others. Get YoloLiv YoloBox and add special features to your live video and attract more viewers. 

Do you like watching live videos? Do you know most of the live streaming apps do not support special features like picture-in-picture function, add promotion banner, etc.? With YoloLiv YoloBox, you can add these functions to your live video. This portable live stream studio with a 7-inch monitor. In this blog post, you will know the most impressive features of YoloBox.


1. Easy to Operate

You can connect multi-video sources to YoloBox for live streaming. No complicated connection is needed. You can connect your cameras, computers, mobile phones etc. with HDMI or USB cable. Then, you will see the video sources on YoloBox. Then, sign in with your live streaming accounts such as Facebook, Instagram etc. for delivering the data signal. We need a signal converter box, live streaming software from the previous live streaming process. Now, YoloBox can perform all these functions in one portable screen. No extra equipment is needed. It makes the live streaming process simpler and quicker.


2. Special Features

Besides switching from different video sources while broadcasting, you can use the picture-in-picture function to show two video sources at the same time. If you want to add a watermark on your live video to promote your brand or other products, you can insert the watermark to YoloBox and display on your live video. It will be a perfect way to promote your brand or display some essential messages.


3. Support Various Kind of Captures

YoloBox not only supports video input from DSLR, DV, action cameras, USB cameras, it also supports the video sources from the drone, smartphone, tablets and computers. The most surprising part is the video input from drones. You can now provide different viewing angles for your live video. It can help you to broaden your video types and develop a diverse live channel. Also, the resolution of your live video will be enhanced since you can capture the sources from the different cameras which is better than smartphones. You can apply different lenses for multi-situations. Even if you need to zoom in your products, the resolution is still perfect.  Therefore, your viewers can enjoy the high picture quality of your live video.


4. Record your live video

For some live-streaming apps, you cannot download your live video for records of the download process is complicated. You can directly record your live video in the SD cards with the SD card. You can insert at most 128GB SD cards to YoloBox. Besides providing video sources, the recorded live video can be stored in the SD card directly. Then, you don't need to download your live video again from the apps. It can save you time and make sure your live video can be stored.

5. Attract more Audiences

Most of the live streamer will start their video on only one platform at the same time. However, there are lots of live-streaming apps for live video. Live streamers can create their live channel for these apps to attract more audience. With YoloLiv Box, you can sync your live video to Facebook, Instagram and Twitch TV at the same time. It means your live video will show on three platforms and reach the audiences from there. It can save your time to build bonding with audiences from different platforms.



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