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XBOX One Kinect Adapter

Will it work in Windows 7?

Is this what I need in order to use the XBox One S Kinect?

I plugged this into my XBox and it is not reacting. What can I do?

Does it work with 220V? What are the power requirements?

Can it be used for facial recognition in Windows 10?

Will this work on Mac too?

Will this work in Australia? Or is it only for USA?

X2O - Water Repellent / Waterproof Spray

Where is X2O waterproof spray made?

What does X2O water repellent spray contain?

What sizes do the canisters come in?

Why X2O water repellent spray is so expensive? I can buy a waterproof smartphone instead.

How long can the waterproof coating last? Can I spray two layers to make it more waterproofed?

What is the difference between IPX4 (Splash of water) and IPX7 (dip into water)?

What if I scratch off some of the waterproofing layer when I am using my device?

X2O water resistant spray can be applied to all electronic parts? It is liquid, will I get electric shock?

What if I sprayed it, but my device is still not waterproofed well? Water still make the device damaged.

Can I use X2O waterproof spray in really hot or cold environments? Except water, what if it’s hot coffee or hot soup pouring at my device?

For IPX7 water protection, do I need to spray every part including the flashing light, lens and screen?

What does terms of service say about X2O?

What we need to pay attention to when we buy water resistant smartphones?

If one waterproof spray can only use for one time, do I need to buy a few for my devices?

How can I make my computer IPX7 protection? I don’t know how to dismantle the computer and reassemble it!

In order to make my device waterproofed, how much liquid should I spray? How thick should be the waterproof liquid layer?

Should I spray it on my phone case or on my phone directly?

Will the spray liquid seep into my electronic device and affect its functions?

If my phone is iPhone, it is difficult to open the device and spray PCB board, what can I do?

Is it safe for children to use the sprayed device? Is the liquid toxic?

After I sprayed my device, will it have a bad smell?

When I spray X2O waterproof spray, if some of the liquid are sprayed on my table or my sunglasses, how can I remove it?

How can X2O water resistant spray protect my drone? Will the liquid melt under the sun?

If the X2O water resistant spray has waterproof function, can I spray it on my clothes or my bags?

What if my child accidentally sprayed it on his face or eyes?

XMAG - Magnetic Charging Cable

How long is the cord?

How much width does the cable need to connect?

Can you use the adapter with waterproof phones in the water or does it need to be removed?

Will this work with type C charging for zte zmax pro?

When will longer cables be available?

When will USB type C connector be available?

Does it have fast charge?

Does this charger fit the new Galaxy S8+?

How can I get extra tips for this chord?

Does it allow quick charge 3.0?

XTAG - Wireless Apple Watch Power Bank

How large is XTag?

Why is XTag different from other watch chargers?

How heavy is XTag?

Does it has any quality or safety certification?

How many times can it charge my Apple Watch?

What Apple Watch series does it support?

Why is XTag different from other watch chargers?

How do I charge XTag?

What is MFi certification?

Is XTag waterproofed? What if I drop it into the sink?

Will the magnetic function affect my Apple Watch?

Anything special about the warranty of this Apple Watch portable charger?

Can I charge my iPhone or iPad with XTag?

I already put my Apple watch on XTag, why it is still not charging?

How long does it take to fully charge my Apple Watch with XTAG?

XStrip - Power Strip with USB Ports

How many gangs are there in a USB power strip?

There are so many outlets on the power strip, but can we use them at the same time?

Does XStrip surge protector consist any USB ports?

What are the voltage and current of the outlets?

What is the size of XStrip?

What is so special about XStrip?

Why are there LED lights?

XSIM - Dual Sim Adapter

How do I disconnect my phone with XSim dual sim card adapter?

How do I connect my mobile with XSim?

How does XSim actually work?

How long is the standby time of XSim?

How do I install SimPlus app?

How come I cannot make any calls / receive any calls?

How to enable anti-theft feature?

How do I call via XSim?

How do I enable cloud feature?

How do I charge up XSim?

How do I know XSim is charged up fully?

What does each LED color represent?

How to use Cloud feature?

What is the capacity of XSim?

What frequency does XSim support? Does it support 2G/ 3G/ 4G?

How / Where do I insert my secondary Sim?

XLOCK - TSA Fingerprint Padlock

Will XLOCK fingerprint padlock still be functional in extreme temperature conditions?

I can't understand the application methods in user manual. What can I do?

Does this fingerprint padlock have any certification?

What if I cannot unlock the fingerprint padlock by my fingers?

Is XLOCK only for baggages and suitcases?

Why does the light flash in different colors?

Only my fingerprint can unlock this fingerprint padlock?

Do I need to charge the fingerprint padlock?

Can I still unlock the lock if it runs out of battery?

Scratch Maps

What is scratch map?

What is so special about scratch map?

How large is the scratch map?

Can I use a coin to scratch it?

Why I need to buy a scratch map?

I can't find the scratch pick in the package!

LED lighted travel makeup mirror

How heavy is this travel makeup mirror?

Does this mirror have magnifying function?

Can I adjust the lights of the travel makeup mirror?

How can I charge this travel makeup mirror?

Is this makeup mirror metal or plastic?

I don't know how to use this travel makeup mirror.

Can I charge the travel makeup mirror with power bank?

Wireless charging car mount

How to use this wireless charging car mount?

What is so special about this wireless charging car mount?

Why won't the folders move?

Can I adjust the angle of the car mount?

Why my smartphone is not charging with Qi fast charge?

Why it's hard to stabilize the car mount with the windshield holder?

How do I know whether the car mount is activated or not?

Rainproof Films for cars

What are the types and sizes for these rainproof films?

How to stick the rainproof films on car windows?

Will the protective film slide off in rainy days?

Why the protective films are blue in color? It should be transparent.

Is this rainproof film made of plastic?

GameCube Controller Adapter

Can I use two of these in the Switch to use 8 controllers in total?

Will this adapter work with Wii U?

Will this work with the Wavebird?

Will I be able to use this for games besides Super Smash Bros with more than one player?

Will this work with the original GameCube controllers?

Does this adapter work with the Nintendo Switch 6.2 version?

UBOX Pro2 Gen 6

Can I use this UBOX in UK? What sort of plug does it have?

How to watch dramas with UBOX?

Can I use my mobile to control the UBOX?

Can I watch dramas from Japan or Korea?

Can this be streamed on iOS phone?

Why it shows that my UBOX is disconnected from LAN?

Is this the latest generation?

Is this TV box very large?

How to setup UBOX?

TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Do these earbuds blink when listening to music?

Does these earbuds have sleep mode?

How to turn on / off?

Why I can't connect the two earphones?

What is TWS?

How to pair up?

What is the working distance for Bluetooth?

What is the battery capacity of the charging case?

Are the earbuds waterproof?

How can I know the Earbuds is on?

Is there any built-in mic for me to make a recording and phone call?

Can I just use one side of the earbuds?

Apple Watch Screen Protection

What are the differences between Apple Watch screen protective film and Tempered Glass screen protector?

Can I apply the screen protector to my Apple Watch 3 ?

Will it affect the transparency of Apple Watch screen?

How thick is the screen protector?

How to apply the screen protector on Apple Watch?

Why the corner is not covered for Apple Watch screen protective film?

XScreen - 15.6" Type-C HDMI Portable Monitor

Do I need to charge up the monitor before I use it?

How to turn on the monitor?

Where can I get the power supply for XScreen?

Can I power up the monitor by HDMI cable?

Why the monitor cannot show anything or 'No Signal' when I connected it to my device

Can I use XScreen on the airplane?

What means 'Full HD'?

Do I need to get the HDMI cable and USB Type-C cable by myself?

When I touch the screen, there is no respond. How can I make the touch screen function work?

I have connected my phone with a Type-C cable, but the screen cannot detect the signal.

How can I adjust the volume of the screen?

How can I adjust the brightness of the screen?

Can I change the adjust the screen orientation?

Can I select the menu settings by touch screen?

Why the LED indicator turns red?

I am getting static on my XScreen, how can I solve it?

Recharging time of XScreen with built-in battery?

The battery capacity of XScreen with built-in battery?

The operation time of XScreen with built-in battery?

(XScreen) Are there weight differences between the version of with or without built-in battery?

Can I activate the touch screen function with my MacBook?

How can I remove the red words on the left-bottom corner of the screen?

I have connected XScreen with my device through a Type-C connection cable, why there still showing 'No Signal'?

Can I remove the cover of XScreen?

Can screen mirroring be done on XScreen?

Can dual monitors be done on XScreen and my notebook?

How can I know whether my device is compatible with XScreen?

Can iPhone or iPad be compatible with XScreen?

Can I use XScreen and charging XScreen simultaneously (Built-in battery version)?

Can the touch screen function be initiated on XScreen when connecting with Windows 10?

Can I charge my phone when I am connecting my mobile with XScreen?

According to the website description, which versions can be supported by XScreen if only some versions of Switch can be supported?

Can I change the page orientation demonstrating on XScreen?

How to use XScreen (without a built-in battery version)?

Can I use a wireless keyboard and mouse when I am using XScreen?

Can the battery of the built-in battery version of XScreen be replaced?

What are the refresh rate and latency/response time of XScreen?

What is the resolution of XScreen?

What is the weight of XScreen?

If XScreen does not function and displays a black screen, what can I do?

Does XScreen Air support touchscreen function?

Can I use Samsung DEX mode with XScreen Air?

Can I connect Bluetooth earphones when using XScreen Air?

Showing ‘No Signal’ on the screen when using XScreen Air

My iPhone cannot search the wireless data signal of XScreen Air.

I can’t connect my Switch with XScreen Air through Type-C when using XScreen Air

(XScreen Air) After I plug in a HDMI cable, no response is showing on the screen.

Will XScreen Air turn off automatically when there is no signal is detected?

How to connect my iPhone and my XScreen?

Can I activate the touch screen function with my Apple devices?

Can I use lightning to Type C cable to connect iphone and XScreen?

YoloLiv YoloBox Portable Live Streaming Studio

Do I need a computer or any specialized equipment?

What do I need to get up and running?

Is it only for cameras?

What kind of network connection do I need?

How do my viewers/customers get to see my events?

How Many Video Sources I Can Acquire with YoloBox?

Can YoloBox stream to multiple platforms simultaneously?

Can I Charge YoloBox with a Power Bank?

What is the Weight and Size of the YoloBox?

Do I Need to Pay Monthly for Live Streaming?

If I am Switching Between Cameras, how to Control the Audio Source?

Can I Use an External Mic Plugged into the Camera?

How Do I Find, Save, and Share my Recordings?

Can I Have an Overlay or Watermark Logo on the Screen?

Can I adjust the resolution of the live video via YoloBox?

How to adjust the volume of the live video while live streaming?

Can I synchronize my live video to other platforms?

After I have stopped my live streaming, can I watch the playback via YoloBox?

XGerm Series

What is the capacity of the UV sanitizer?

What are the main differences between these 4 models?

How could UV light reach all sides of the item when UV lights are only available on certain sides?

The lifetime of the UV Sanitizer?

What kind of UV light is applying?

Colour available for each model

Can be used for mask sanitizing?

Any warranty for the UV sanitizer?

Is UVC Ray cancerous?

Can the phone be sanitized with the phone case?

Is it possible to use it outdoors?

Can I turn on aromatherapy function while I sanitizing my phone?

Mokibo 2-in-1 Touchpad x Keyboard

What is the difference between the Mokibo touchpad keyboard and other touchpad keyboards?

How to turn on the Mokibo keyboard?

How do I connect my laptop/tablet with the Mokibo keyboard?

How do I switch between the keyboard mode and the touchpad mode?

How many devices can I connect with the Mokibo tocuhpad keyboard?

How many touch gestures does the touchpad keyboard support?

How often do I need to charge it

In what ways is a tablet with a touchpad keyboard better than a laptop?

How to switch the keyboard to hibernation mode?

Why does the LED indicator change in color?

I can't connect my device to Mokibo, how can I solve it?

IMC Water Catalyst Anti Virus and Sanitizing Spray

What are the differences between this IMC Spray and other Disinfection Alcohol?

How to use this product?

Can this product directly contact the skin?

How many times can I use a mask sprayed with IMC antiseptic solution?

Can I use this product if I have sensitive skin?

How long can an IMC Spray be used?

Do I need to use IMC Spray daily to maintain antibacterial efficacy?

On which products can I use IMC Spray?

What bacterias can this product effectively resist?

Can I spray IMC Spray (for Pets) directly on my pet?

How can I apply the IMC Spray properly?

Can the surface of the object using IMC spray be cleaned with alcohol disinfectant?