Wireless Charging Car Mount for Charging While Driving

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While driving, all drivers require regular smartphone charging. A wireless charging car mount is required.


Long drives and travel to foreign nations necessitate the use of GPS navigation to locate the correct directions. However, if we utilize GPS for a half-hour, the battery life of our phones would be significantly diminished. Although many automobiles now have built-in USB ports that allow for in-car charging, this isn't always the best solution because charging is often slow and inconvenient. Adding a wireless charger to your automobile, on the other hand, can provide both faster and easier charging. We can utilize GPS and charge your phone at the same time with a car mount.

In this unboxing tour, I'll show you how to use this powerful wireless charging car mount and demonstrate several features. If you're interested in this wireless charging car mount, act quickly before your phone's battery runs out.



Charging While Driving - Wireless Charging Car Mount lexuma package

 Let's have a look at the contents of the package. A user manual, a car mount charging pad, a telescopic arm, an air vent clip, and a USB-Type C charging cable are all included. To stabilize your smartphone, you can use either the windshield holder or the air vent.

Let's put it to the test in a car right now!


How to assemble and set it up: Air Vent





lexuma automatic wireless charging infrared sensing car mount

Never struggle to install your phone while driving again by opening a charger phone holder arm. This wireless charging car mount's infrared sensor makes mounting a breeze: simply place your phone near the charging pad, and the arms will automatically open.

This car mount's Auto-lock mechanism firmly locks the phone once it's in place, preventing any unintended drops even during rapid shocks, bumps, or sharp turns.


lexuma automatic wireless charging infrared sensing car mount application on cars

When the folders are opened, this is how they appear. It will recognize the width of your smartphone and securely hold it in place. Both the folders and the charging pad must be activated by connecting the provided USB-Type C cable to the car mount's USB port. The port is in the back of the automobile mount, at the bottom.


Let's now mount the phone to the charging car mount.



The car mount has LED lights on both the left and right sides. When you connect any power source to it, the red light will turn on. The infrared sensor and automated folders will be turned on. The blue light will turn on after you place your smartphone on the automobile mount. This means that your phone is now charging. When an Android smartphone has finished charging, the blue light will turn off.

lexuma automatic wireless charging infrared sensing car mount application on cars lexuma automatic wireless charging infrared sensing car mount application on cars


Charging While Driving - Wireless Charging Car Mount lexuma rotation angle adjust

You may modify the angle of the charging pad by rotating the 360° nut. When utilizing a GPS navigator, you can position it horizontally or vertically. When utilizing a GPS navigator, we know that the smartphone's battery will quickly drain. As a result, Qi fast charging is supported by this charging car mount.


Charging While Driving - Wireless Charging Car Mount lexuma vertical charging

A friendly reminder: In order to benefit from Qi fast charging, make sure your smartphone, charging cable, charging pad, and power supply all support it. All of these elements are required. If you succeed, the screen will display a rapid charging notification.


The iPhone X/8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7 and S7 Edge, Nokia 9, Nexus 5/6, and other Qi-enabled wireless cellphones are all compatible with this wireless charging car mount. Simply place your phone on the wireless charging car mount, and the two mount arms will firmly hold it in place, ensuring that it does not fall out. It's quite convenient!


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