[Product Review] Nano Virus Buster Anti-Virus Pouch and Box

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Bacteria are everywhere, you need a durable antibacterial protective cover to protect your health. Nano Virus Buster antibacterial pouches and boxes are your best choice.

-Nano-Virus-Buster-抗菌-抗流感-防鼻敏感-口罩-武漢-肺炎-病毒-日本-製 product review

The packaging of Nano Virus Busters is simple, so you can easily use it anytime, anywhere. Just remove the outer packaging of the small bag/small box to activate the anti-virus and air purification functions. You do not need to perform any installation process. Even children and the elderly can use it easily.

Because this product uses chlorine dioxide to eliminate bacteria in the air, it is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic to humans. There is a small buckle, you can hang Anti-Virus Small Bag on different items, such as your clothes, backpack, etc. In addition, you can also use the provided lanyard to hang it around your neck. The packet can be used for 30 days.


-Nano-Virus-Buster-抗菌-抗流感-防鼻敏感-口罩-武漢-肺炎-病毒-日本-製 product review hang it on your bags

You can put the anti-virus box in the car, toilet, shoe cabinet, etc. The anti-flu and antibacterial box can build a 60-day antibacterial protective cover within a range of 2 cubic meters.

    -Nano-Virus-Buster-抗菌-抗流感-防鼻敏感-口罩-武漢-肺炎-病毒-日本-製 anti virus box for indoor use

During flu and new coronavirus outbreaks, you need a protective film to protect yourself from bacteria. For patients with allergic rhinitis, the anti-virus bag can remove allergens and reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that patients with allergic rhinitis take Nano Virus Nemesis. In addition, you can place an anti-virus box in your home to purify the air.


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