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Starting travel with a map - Your best Japan Scratch Travel Map

Generally speaking, Japan is one of the most beautiful, amazing, and friendly countries in the world. We all know that Japan is a high-tech world that incorporates the courtesy and respect of the past. This unique culture attracts millions of tourists every year, most of them visit Japan time and time again.




Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 tube package close up

Speaking of Japan, some cities and food will definitely come to mind. Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. Sushi, sashimi, ramen... Now let us open the map of Japan and explore Japan together! Some parts of Japan can be vaguely seen on the cover of the sketch. It is so colorful! I can't wait to spread it! Although I have been to Japan several times, I have also visited some famous attractions. Now I look at the map of Japan and find that there are still many attractions that I haven't visited! I hope to have more opportunities to visit them in the future.


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 unique scratch pick

The Scratch travel map package provides a tailor-made draft selection. (The latest design is with a scraper) Compared with silver coins, it is much easier to control the angle and the difficulty of scratching. Suitable for a perfectionist like me!


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 features of travel map japan trip

The theme color of the Japanese scratches is light pink, which represents Japanese cherry blossoms🌸. Can you feel the warmth and freshness of spring? Spring in Japan is from March to May. Cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japan, usually only bloom for about a week. For many Japanese, the blooming of cherry trees symbolizes human life, shortness and nobility. Let me scrape off the part I visited before... Akita Ken!


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 close up landmarks of japan

Before I scratched, I was deeply attracted by the Japanese Akita (a famous dog breed in this prefecture)! ! Now I can even see the colorful and cute Akita. I successfully unlocked and let it come to life again!


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 after scratching landmarks Japan scratch map Japan scratch map



We can also see the Torii Gate of Goza No Ishi Shrine (a famous shrine in Akita) near the dog. I really went there a few years ago!


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 what to do in japan Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 japanese food Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂




Wait. I noticed that there are some pictures in the upper left and lower right corners of the scratched tourist map of Japan! These are food and drink, things to do and travel season. It even reminds me of what I can eat and play when I go to different places. I can grab a picture from each of them!


 Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 scratching japanese food Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 japan trip things to do Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂


Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 japan seasons Japan scratch travel map 日本刮刮地圖 刮刮樂




I chose my favorite sake, my yukata (traditional Japanese clothing) and my favorite winter. It is also worth noting that we cannot see what is hidden behind us before we scratch. For example, we can only see a little snowman before scratching; but now and after. We can feel how much effort the good weather has spent on designing these maps to maintain the mystery of the scratched maps. What a thoughtful design!

You can also hang the map on the wall as a decoration. like this! The size of the scratch map is only 40 x 30cm, which is very light and portable. Reminder: The frame can be found at IKEA.

Japan scratch travel map frame up simplicity home decoration

Time flies. This concludes our trip to Japan. If you want to learn more about other Scratch travel maps, please visit our Thailand, Korea and World Scratch Map Tour.


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