X2O Waterproof Spray: 3 Things You Should Know

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Lexuma X2O Waterproof Spray is a long-lasting, water-repellent spray designed for electronics and industrial applications.



You've probably heard of waterproof sprays for clothing, shoes, even personal vehicles. Have you ever heard of waterproof sprays for electronic gadgets including computers, cameras, charging cords, and drones? If not, you should absolutely read this article: 3 Things You Should Know About X2O Water Repellent Spray For Electronics, Our Waterproofing Magician!

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1. IPX4 & IPX7 Water Protection

This electronic water repellent spray comes in two degrees of protection: IPX4 and IPX7. IP stands for "Ingress Protection." It is a measurement of an item's resistance to solid materials (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) as well as liquids. An IP address is made up of two numbers. The first number denotes protection against solids, while the second denotes protection from liquids. Our X2O waterproof spray provides level 4 and level 7 protection for all electrical devices from level 0 to level 8.

In the case of IPX4, this means that your device will be protected from water sprays from all directions. In the case of IPX7, this indicates that your gadget will be protected against the effects of a brief immersion in water. (maximum of 30 minutes in 1 meter of water)

The protection provided by X2O water repellent spray on devices lasts for around 6 months, after which you can reapply for even better protection. Please see the X2O Product Page for more information on this application.



2. Nanotechnology

Nano coatings are extremely thin and invisible to the naked eye. Water runs perfectly through without coming into contact with any electronic components thanks to the nano coating that covers the surface and inside components. As a result, nanotechnology equips electronics with IPX4 or IPX7 waterproof and anti-corrosion protection. It prevents air moisture from coming into contact with electrical or metal components. The nano particles may self-recover from scratching and frequent use of electronic devices, extending the appliance's service life.

Lexuma X2O water repellent spray uses nanotechnology to totally waterproof a wide range of electronics from accidental water spills and dips. Please do not purposefully submerge any electronic or electrical items in water, since this is only for accidental prevention.things you need to know about x2o water repellent spray for industrial machines smartphone splash proof 


3. Wide Application

This water repellent spray can be used on a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, cameras, and other cameras. It also preserves industrial machinery by generating a protective layer that prevents moisture and corrosion from entering the machine.

Lexuma X2O waterproof spray provides a strong penetrating force and a great lubricating effect on all metal parts, preventing short circuits and rusting. Glass, metal steel, and electric coils are all unaffected. Engines, welding equipment, motors, and high-voltage items like cables and generators can all benefit from it.

In damp environments and at extreme temperatures ranging from -50°C to 140°C, this spray significantly increases the life of electrical appliances. Even in the coldest conditions, such as a refrigerating chamber, or the hottest conditions, such as an iron foundry, it is dependable.

Lexuma 辣數碼防水鍍膜噴霧 X2O Water Repellent Spray with IPX4 and IPX7 water protection industrial




If you're interested in learning more about this waterproof spray, visit the Product Page and Unboxing Tour! Now is the time to protect your electronic devices and machines with X2O waterproof spray!