Why is magnetic charging important?

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The new charging trend for smartphones and Apple Watch series is magnetic charging. Why is it so vital in today's electrical devices?


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Your mobile device, like we need food and water to be alive and function well, requires continual charging to stay alive and work well. When the pins in the charge port are broken or bent, it can be difficult to charge the phone without having to hold the cable in a specific position. Charging will be turned off, and the phone will display "charging started" all the time. Getting your phone repaired at a professional electronics store is the most typical solution.
However, we all want mobile phone charging cords that are both robust and speedy. This is why magnetic charging cords were created and have since become indispensable.


Benefits of Magnetic Charging Cables:


1. Longevity: The Magnetic Charging Cable is composed of military-grade material, making it extremely durable. You will save money by not having to buy charging cables on a regular basis.

2. Fast Charging: If you need your electronic device to be fully charged in a short amount of time, this Magnetic Charging Cable is a must-have item. With its quick charging functionality, the XMag saves 25% of the charging time and is far more efficient than traditional charging connections.


Magnetic cables comparison magnetic cable vs normal cable blog


3. User-Friendly and Simple to Use: The Magnetic Charging Cable is the most user-friendly charging cable available. The magnetic function makes it exceedingly simple to connect in your device's charging port. Because the magnets are powerful, you won't have to battle to enter your cable into your phone in the dark or while driving.

4. Less damage to charging port: Magnetic charging cables allow you to pre-insert the tip into the charging port and then magnetically adhere the cable to it. The smartphone's charging port will be subjected to less wear and tear, extending the device's life.

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Comparing to other charging cables, why choose Lexuma XMag?

1. At temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius, a neodymium magnet generates magnetic power. Lexuma uses the highest-grade magnet available in the industry. This assures XMag's stability when compared to other wires.

2. The charging tip is correctly and firmly attached to the magnetic cable thanks to the auto-centering and reversible plug. Both sides of the plug can be perfectly fitted to the tip and the charging port of your smartphone. Even when driving, auto-centering makes plugging so simple and magnetic. When the tip and cable are connected, the charging process begins instantly. XMag charges your device with just a plug.


3.A light indicator on the cable indicates charging state and aids in the identification of the cable in the dark or while driving. The white light will turn on once you attach the magnetic line to any electrical source. Once you've finished charging or disconnected the magnetic connection from the source, the light will turn off.

4. Another innovative function of XMag is dust proofing your charging port. Your charging port will always be dust-free because the magnetic tip can be inserted into your smartphone beforehand.


magnetic charging reversible plug LED light indicator dust proof


5. This magnetic charging cable supports Qualcomm 2.0/3.0 and has a 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A outlet rating. With Qualcomm, XMag allows you to charge quickly and efficiently.

The Lexuma magnetic charging cable improves the quality and simplicity of charging. You can plug in at any moment and in any situation thanks to the auto-centering and reversible tip capabilities. With magnetic rapid charging, XMag supports both Apple and Android devices, drastically reducing charging time. With a single touch, you may choose between data transfer and quick charging. Use new charging wires instead of old ones. Immediately switch to magnetic charging wires!