Why Do Power Bank Accidents happen?

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How to avoid power bank accidents and charge safely


There are reasons why airlines don't allow passengers to store power banks in luggages and suitcases. Actually, they do this for the purpose of safety. Power bank accidents may happen in certain conditions and cause damages and even fire. Therefore, it is important that we need to know why this can happen and try to prevent power bank explosion.


1. Unsatisfying Battery Quality

Power banks are essentially batteries that utilise lithium cells. Most of the power banks in the market are made from Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries, though the former is a cheaper option. Lithium batteries have a tendency to combust, and are therefore prohibited for cargo transport, as part of air-transport regulations. Some manufacturers tend to use the Lithium- ion batteries to save costs. Some even go to the extent of using recycled batteries. This increases the chances or likeliness of explosion at a later time.

Why Do Power Bank Accidents happen gadgeticloud power bank explode overcharge


2. Wrong Circuit Design

The internal circuit design of a power bank is another likely cause of explosion. A circuit design can affect many performance related elements of a power bank. A good circuit design ensures that the power bank is well equipped with the important circuit protections crucial to the dependability of the power bank. These precautions include overvoltage, short circuit, and the fluctuations in temperature. If the circuit design is not in line with the safety standards of the battery, the risk of power banks exploding increases.For a power bank a good circuit design entails the following:

Power protection: A well-made power bank should have power protection. This is a mechanism that ensures that the battery stops charging once it has reached full capacity.
Short circuit control: A good power bank should have it’s circuit fully insulated to prevent short circuit. (Short circuit means touching of wires)
Temperature control: The ideal power bank should have a kind of temperature control such that once it hits a particular temperature; it shuts down to cool off.

If one or more of these are not built into the power bank, the chances of a likely explosion in the future are high.


3. Improper Usage of Power Bank

Improper usage of power bank can also be one of the factors that can cause the power bank acciddents. Mishandling of battery includes exposing the battery to the unsafe environment such as high temperature or humidity. Some people may mistakenly leave the power bank in a heated area. This can lead to the explosion incident. Another incorrect handling of batteries is overcharging, especially when the power bank does not have the power protection features equipped with the battery.

Why Do Power Bank Accidents happen gadgeticloud short circuit overheat


What can we do to prevent?

➤ Always avoid non-certified / extremely cheap chargers. These unsafe power banks may get overheated easily or even explode which may cause damage to your devices.

➤ Do NOT overcharge. Many people charge their phones with power banks at night and unplug the charging cable the next morning. This is dangerous because both your mobiles and the power bank will be damaged.

➤ Do NOT connect any device while charging – It is very important to do not connect any kind of gadget while power bank is charging, this may cause the device to overheat or may cause technical damage to their gadget.


The phenomenon of a power bank exploding is dangerous and can lead to regrettable incidents. If safety measures are taken, the threat cause of power banks exploding increases significantly. Having proper circuit design, ensuring the quality of the battery, avoiding the overcharging of power banks can greatly reduce the probability of the potential hazards related to the power banks. At GadgetiCloud, we care about your safety. Therefore, our power banks for Apple Watch is safe and efficient for daily charging. Feel free to check out more!

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