Noise Cancellation Technology

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Most of the earphones features with  active noise reduction (ANR). They have use the noise cancellation technology. What is noise cancellation and how it works?

To familiar with the noise cancellation technology, we should first know what sound is. We cannot notice sound by our eyes. If we draw out the noise, it is similar to a wave. In facts, the noise you hear is the compression and decompression of the particles while we are talking. The moving particles will have tiny changes because of the air pressure. The power of these changes in air pressure is called amplitude. The louder the sound, the more extreme the amplitude. Therefore, the picture will show the wave to represent the sound movement.

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How to cancel the noise outside the earphones?

As mentioned before, the sound is similar to waves. For noise cancellation, it just likes producing a sound wave which is the mirror image of a noise that is undesired. Then, the sound energy will eliminate from the environment. Then, you will not hear the unwanted sound.

imartcity True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds noise cancellation technology how it works

The function of the Tiny Microphones

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The microphones on the earpiece are used to detect the ambient noise around you. Then, the earphones can produce the sound that opposite to the sound wave. Therefore, you will not able to hear any unwanted sound when you are enjoying music. The tiny microphone is not only for phone calls, but also help you to eliminate the undesired noise.

This technology is excellently working for continuous and low-frequency noise, for example, the low droning sound in an plane cabin. However, it cannot eliminate the intermittent noise such as speech and the higher-pitched noises.

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With the advanced technology in noise cancelling, true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are able to build with noise cancelling technology. Lexuma XBud Series are designed with the noise cancelling function. They are perfect for you to use anytime with no wires. 


The noise cancellation technology is perfect for creating a quiet zone with your earphones or earbuds in passenger compartments of planes, trains, etc. Find your BEST true wireless earbuds with noise cancellation in iMartCity NOW!


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