Fact and Background of TWS Technology

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Facts and Background on True Wireless Stereo Technology


Before we go into detail about TWS technology, it's important to understand why this wireless technology is associated with headphones or earbuds. Bluetooth earphones, often known as wireless headphones, link to a cell phone, smartphone, or computer via radio waves rather than cords or cables. True wireless headphones, unlike regular wireless headphones, have no wires, not even a cable connecting each in-ear headphone. True wireless headphones provide a totally tangle-free experience, allowing users to feel free while doing something.


What is TWS exactly?

True Wireless Stereo is abbreviated as TWS. This technology's implementation is dependent on the advancement of chip technology. In technical terms, this means that the phone is connected to the primary headset through Bluetooth wireless connection. The main headset would then connect to the slave speaker using Bluetooth wireless mode, resulting in genuine wireless Bluetooth for two separate left and right channels of Bluetooth headphones.
The main headphone reverts to monophonic sound quality if no connection is made from the headphone. It's made to give clients consistent performance features from high-end Bluetooth loud speaker programs. To use TWS technology, you'll need two Bluetooth modules with TWS functionality.


TWS technology true wireless stereo earbuds -


For TWS headsets, the left and right headsets are independent individuals. When two separate earphones get close, they can automatically match and switch to two-channel stereo. This technology can provide you with high-quality sound.

On the other hand, true wireless headphones do not require any cables to charge. They can charge directly on their built-in high-capacity lithium battery box. When using TWS headsets, you don't have to worry about signal problems, because there is a signal range of 10 meters. No matter what you do, driving or running, you can put down your phone and leave, which also means you can share music with others.


TWS technology true wireless stereo earbuds -

True wireless stereo technology is usually supported by Bluetooth 4.0-4.2 wireless technology. This cooperation ensures the strong signal transmission of high-speed and high-quality stereo music. You can relax in the world of music and enjoy clear and stable music at any time.
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TWS technology true wireless stereo earbuds -

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