Comparison of LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors

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Compare four different types of trifold mirrors and vanity makeup mirrors for handheld use.


When it comes to applying makeup, you can't help but gaze in the mirror and assess your looks. At that much-anticipated date, a company party, or any other social occasion, you want to look your best. The mirror becomes your best friend, assuring and reassuring you that you are always beautiful and flawless. We have two types of cosmetics mirrors at : TWO Vanity Makeup Mirror and TWO Handheld Makeup Mirror. We'll compare these mirrors and assist you in selecting the best one for you!


 1. LED Lighted Tri-fold Vanity Makeup Mirror




✶ Three mirror panels and One 10X magnifying mirror

✶ Relatively large in size: 29cm x 20cm

✶ Vanity makeup mirror: Stands on countertop. Perfect for daily makeup

✶ 90-degree up and down rotation and 360-degree surround rotation

✶ Power Supply: Built-in battery, charge with USB cable



 2. LED Lighted Desktop Vanity Makeup Mirror




✶ One 1X mirror and One 10X magnifying mirror

✶ Touch screen button to turn on LED lights

✶ Dimension: 13.5cm x 25.5cm (Portable for travel)

✶ Dual power supply: Insert 4 AAA batteries / Charge with USB cable



3. LED Lighted Travel Compact Makeup Mirror




✶ Two mirrors with 1X and 7X magnification

✶ Size: 11cm x 3.5cm

✶ Tri-fold handheld with a standable base

✶ Dual power supply: Insert 3AAA batteries / Charge with USB cable

✶ Rechargeable: If rechargeable AAA batteries are used, the USB power is able to charge the batteries

✶ Metal bracket: Extend the height of the makeup mirror



4. LED Lighted Tri-fold Travel Makeup Mirror




✶ Three mirrors: 7X, 5X, 1X magnification

✶ Tri-fold mirror with energy-saving LED lights

✶ Rechargeable by USB cable: one charge lasts up to 5 weeks (Built-in battery)

✶ Weights only 300g (Portable for travels and daily use)


Table For Comparison

LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors Comparison - LED燈放大化妝鏡


Each of these four beauty cosmetic mirrors has its own unique characteristics and functions. They all have LED lights, which give excellent room lighting. All of the mirrors are built or equipped with magnifying mirrors, which are ideal for detailed cosmetics and for persons with poor vision. I hope you now have a better understanding of these four makeup mirrors and may select one for yourself and a buddy. To obtain the mirror of your choice, simply click on the images below!

 LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors Comparison - LED燈放大化妝鏡  LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors Comparison - LED燈放大化妝鏡

LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors Comparison - LED燈放大化妝鏡  LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors Comparison - LED燈放大化妝鏡