Are there any tips for charging the device?

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Tips for charging your smartphone (iPhone and Android).


We understand that battery life is limited and that we may need to charge our gadgets many times per day. However, we don't understand why our devices' batteries drain so quickly at times. When it's charging, why does it get hot? How can we keep the battery safe and charge it correctly? In this article, we'll go over several charging tips in the hopes of extending the life of your devices.

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Charging And Recharging

Because they put less load on the battery, shallow charges are preferable to full charges. Only charge the gadget battery if it is less than 50% charged. You should avoid charging a lithium-ion battery all the way to 100% when doing so. The battery is in the greatest condition when it is between 80 and 90 percent charged.
If you completely charge your battery, don't leave the gadget plugged in. Although Lithium-ion batteries have built-in safeguards to prevent them from exploding, electronics that are regularly plugged in while fully charged will age faster in the long run.


Charge It Cool

Your devices will get hotter than usual while charging, especially if they are in a case. Allow your gadget to reach a maximum temperature of 95°F and charge it in a colder location. Please do not leave your smartphone or iPad in hot automobiles, bags or pockets, or in direct sunlight. Also, if your device begins to overheat, turn it off. The operating temperature should be between 32 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Within this temperature range, your device will charge more quickly and safely.

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Turn Off Unnecessary Apps Or Notifications

If you keep WiFi on all the time, it will always look for a connection signal. This consumes a lot of power on the device. So please turn off WiFi and close unnecessary applications when not in use. In addition to WiFi and apps, push notifications from Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter also require a lot of power. Therefore, please clear the notification before charging to save energy and charge efficiently.

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Now you have a better understanding of battery charging and maintenance. If you want to charge safely and efficiently, why not check out our magnetic charging cables for Android and Apple devices? XMAG is your ideal solution. Check it out now!