7X Magnification - What is this?

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Magnifying mirrors for beauty and makeup - Do you require a magnifying mirror with a magnification of 7X?


Mirrors are a must-have item in every home and for everyone. Mirrors are required for applying makeup, shaving, and keeping ourselves clean. Normal mirrors reflect the size as it is in real life, however magnifying mirrors can amplify the size by 2X, 5X, or even more. Let's learn more about magnifying mirrors before deciding if they're necessary.

The parabolic design of magnifying mirrors is inspired by satellite dishes. To put it another way, they're concave. This means that all light beams are focused on a central focal point, so whatever hits your face is reflected straight on, not at an angle, in the mirror.

The parabolic form of the mirror concentrates the light gradually as it approaches the focal point. The magnification effect is caused by the concentration of these light beams. The picture you see in a 7X magnification mirror is magnified SEVEN times its actual size.

Magnification mirrors are useful for a variety of grooming tasks. Investing in a 7x magnifying mirror is the greatest way to see up close and ensure flawless make-up. When you can see exactly which hair to target with your brows, you can apply eyeshadows and eyeliners with precision, and men can shave with ease if they look up close at what they're doing.


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A 5x magnification mirror will have a 1.5′′ field of vision, while a 10x magnification mirror will have a 0.5′′ field of view. Higher magnification settings are not advised for makeup application because they have a limited field of view. At this high levels, the image becomes distorted, and you won't be able to see your complete face. A 7x magnifying mirror is a fantastic choice if you need magnification but don't have vision difficulties (or wear contacts). Your face will be magnified, but the image will not be deformed.

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Tabletop, portable, and tri-fold makeup mirrors are the most common types. The most common mirror is a tabletop mirror, and you can usually pick between magnification and a regular mirror. A handheld mirror may easily fit into a bag or pocketbook, making it convenient to carry with you on the road. A portable or handheld magnifying mirror is great for taking with you wherever you go. Tri-fold mirrors usually come with lighting and allow you to see your face from all sides. This sort of cosmetic mirror is popular because it allows you to see the full look and make adjustments as needed.

We have a variety of makeup mirrors to meet your needs. Handheld magnifying mirrors and a tri-fold vanity mirror with LED lights are available. Please take a look at these!

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