4 Benefits of Using Lexuma Portable Monitor with Touch Screen

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The ultra-slim portable touch screen monitor brings you benefits in working and entertaining.

Portable monitor becoming a trend in recent year. Do you know how can the portable monitor XScreen can benefit you in daily living? How can you spend your time with Lexuma XScreen? Let's see the 4 benefits that portable monitor brings you.



Various Usage

The portable monitor is popular mainly because of its high compatibility. You can connect it with your laptops, mobile phones, gaming devices, etc. It can act as a bigger screen for you to play games, watch movies and even for presentation. One portable monitor can support all your needs in working hours and leisure time. 

 iMartCity Portable monitor XScreen Lexuma Benefits bring by portable touch screen for entertainment


Easy to Setup

Different from the traditional lager monitors, the setup of XScreen is simple. All you need is one to two cables. XScreen can be power on by a power bank or the devices you have connected. This means that there is no need to find an external source of power for it to operate. If you don't want to bring the power bank with you for power supply, you can choose the version with built-in battery. Then, all you need is one cable for the display signal. 


iMartCity Portable monitor XScreen Lexuma Benefits bring by portable touch screen for work connect to smartphone


Mobility Available

Using a portable monitor allows you to create flexibility for choosing the desired workplace. You can set up dual monitors in a coffee shop, at home, in the office or the place you like. It is a perfect gadget for a mobile office. With the design of the portable monitor, we did not need to stay in a fixed office for a screen.

 iMartCity Portable monitor XScreen Lexuma Benefits bring by portable touch screen for work mobile worker work everywhere


A New Tablet for You!



With the touch screen function, you can connect your mobile phone with XScreen and use the touch screen for navigation. Then, a portable screen becomes your new tablet! In addition, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your mobile phone for typing. Then, no more laptop is needed for work. Even you need to present your ideas to your customers, a mobile phone and XScreen are enough for you! 



XScreen is light and portable. However, it can be used in various areas. XScreen is more than a second monitor. It can perform well in work and entertain. Therefore, it is worthy to get one for yourself!

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