3 reasons why we need portable displays

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Why do we need portable screens?

Many people use laptops, tablets and even mobile devices in their daily work. They are smaller than desktop computers, and the most important thing is that we can take them with us. Usually, people will choose a laptop with a 13-inch screen because it is lighter, but it is still heavy to carry. Although some people are using 11-inch tablets, when you need to use them all day, the screen may be too small. Reading small print for a long time is harmful to our eyes. This is why we need an extra screen to protect our eyes.

Reason 1 - Work and play are everywhere

You can take your laptop to work anywhere. How about you need to show customers your project outside the office? The laptop screen is too small to show your ideas. Then, you might think of having a larger screen size. However, the larger screen size may cause the laptop to be heavier. This may be helpful when you are working in the office or at home. But when you need to work outdoors or travel with a laptop, the weight of the laptop becomes a problem. Therefore, a lightweight and portable display will be your choice.

Most of the latest portable displays are very thin and light. For example, Lexuma's portable screen-XScreen. The 15.6" large touch screen, 9mm thick, weighs about 0.7kg. It’s as portable as an iPad. It’s easy to bring a laptop and a portable screen. You can show your ideas anytime, anywhere.

Is it inconvenient to take two devices out? You can just use your mobile phone or tablet for presentations. Just connect your phone or tablet, and then you can simply use them to show your ideas! No need for a laptop anymore!

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If I am a student, I have no reason to own a portable display, right? of course not! Portable displays are used not only for commercial purposes, but also for entertainment. The portable display can be connected not only to your smartphone and laptop, but also to Switch, PS4 and TV BOX. Therefore, you can play Overcooked with your friends on the larger-screen Switch. In addition, it is a portable display suitable for PS4. Those who like games should not miss this portable monitor!

Want to watch movies on the train or plane? The phone is not enough to watch movies? Then, you should need a portable screen to travel. Not limited to yourself, you can also share movies or TV shows with your friends and family. Why don't you get one now?

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Reason 2 - Easy to set up

Traditional external displays require a separate power supply. If there is no power plug, we cannot use an external monitor. In addition, when we connect an external monitor to a laptop, we can only use an HDMI cable for this operation. It is not easy to find an HDMI cable when you need it. What about portable displays?

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For the new portable screen, we only need to connect it to the laptop and the portable display can be turned on. Since the portable display will generate power from the connected device, you do not need to find an additional power source for it. No need to worry about power problems, turn on the portable screen anytime, anywhere. If you find that your device’s battery is exhausted, the portable display can also be powered by a power bank.

No additional settings are required to connect to a laptop. Just use a Type-c universal cable or HDMI cable to connect it to your laptop and screen. You can then expand the screen when needed. Since portable screens are not limited to using HDMI cables, the connection is more convenient. Just like XScreen can get power from the device it is connected to. Only one cable is needed to connect the power supply and the device.

Reason 3 - Work Effectively

When using a laptop, have you ever experienced frequent changes to different browsers? This is not so convenient when we need to check two documents. If we display two files at the same time, the characters will be so small because of a 13-inch laptop. Then, an additional screen is required.

The portable display helps you work efficiently when you open two or more applications at the same time. Whether you are viewing stocks, conducting video conferences with customers, or streaming YouTube videos, your application will always be in your field of vision.

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These are the reasons why you need a portable screen not only for work but also for entertainment. Do you use a laptop when you work? Now why not try a portable screen to improve work efficiency?Lexuma XScreen Portable Monitor Ultra Slim HD 1080P USB Powered display

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