FAQ - XScreen Duo

 Can I use the touch screen function with XScreen Duo?

Yes, you can. XScreen Duo supports touch screen function under wired connection. However, it cannot support touch screen function under wireless connection.


► How can I connect the wireless adapter with XScreen?

You can connect the wireless dongle with the Type-C connection port. Make sure that you are using the Type-C connection ports located at the bottom of the connection panel. For the detailed connection method you may refers to our connection quick guide.


 What is the different between XScreen Duo and XScreen Air?

Both of them support wired and wireless connection. However, XScreen Air does not support the touch screen function. If you want to use the touch screen under wired connection, you may choose XScreen Duo.


 Can I charge up XScreen Duo with a power bank?

Yes, you can.


 Can I connect XScreen with 2 or more devices under wireless connection?

No, you can't. If you want to connect with 2 or more devices, you may use the wired connection.


 How to activate the wireless connection of XScreen Duo?

First, you need to connect the wireless dongle with XScreen through Type-C(all function) connection ports then wait for a while. If the screen dose not detect the wireless connection signal, you may change to the wireless connection mode though Menu.

More about the wireless connection, please refer to our blog: Apple / Android