Use YoloBox Plus portable streaming studio for live streaming

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Broadcasting used to be complicated and time-consuming. But with YoloBox Plus Portable Live Stream Studio, the live broadcast can be completed in one minute!

In this modern era, sometimes people are more obsessed with the digital world than the real world. We spend time watching YouTube, Facebook live shows, Netflix, etc. on the Internet. This phenomenon is caused by the increase in the number of YouTube users and live broadcasts. Live streaming or live streaming has become a popular trend in the digital world. Today we will see how live streaming is formed and how YoloBox Plus takes this trend to a new level.

How did we broadcast live in the past

80% of live programs or live events are filmed by professional cameras to obtain high resolution and provide the public with a more stable streaming experience. For example, do you know what tools are needed for YouTube live streaming? This is the basic list:- Camera that has an HDMI or SDI output port

  • - HDMI or SDI cable

  • - Open source software

  • - Signal converter box and a laptop

  • - Live streaming software on your laptop

  • - Strong internet connection (WiFi, hotspot etc)


Of course, if it is a YouTube live broadcast or a Facebook live broadcast, you need to send the signal to your account and maintain a stable connection during the live broadcast. After this complicated process, we are still limited to one video source and one social media platform. We also need to store the video in an SD card and prepare an additional battery for our camera.


Now With YoloBox Plus

But these are old times. Since then, with the YoloBox Plus invented by YoloLiv, high-definition, multi-platform live broadcasting can be realized! This YoloBox Plus is a smart encoder that can create high-end real-time streams from any DLSR, camcorder, action camera or even drone. It integrates encoder, monitor, control panel and switcher in one, which means that users only need to use YoloBox, an HDMI cable and camera equipment to start live broadcasting. Using some WiFi-enabled devices, such as GoPros, this YoloBox Plus can even broadcast live wirelessly!

Youtube live streaming facebook livestream Yolobox yololiv 智能現場直播機 go live with youtube

Amazing Streaming Features

Integrating all content into one system makes live broadcasting easier. After connecting via HDMI, the cameraman can use the built-in touch screen display and the Android operating system to create events, set the name, time and platform. Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms are mostly compatible. Users can even stream to multiple platforms at the same time! With 1080P high resolution, this portable live broadcast studio is an easy-to-use, powerful and reasonably priced solution that can help various cameras to broadcast live in real time.

Despite combining multiple functions into one, YoloBox Plus is about the same size as a thicker iPhone, with a 5-inch screen. The built-in battery can be used for about 3 hours of live broadcast before it needs to be charged. For this PLUS version, users can even use two different HDMI ports to switch between two different cameras during the live broadcast.

YoloLiv YoloBox 智能現場直播機 YoloLiv YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio live streaming video live camera live streaming livestream multi platforms


Bonus Feature

YoloLiv also offers a free cloud storage service, which the company says is open to the public. YoloBox Plus can transmit video to the cloud in a variety of ways, including WiFi, Ethernet, and 4G.


YoloLiv YoloBox 智能現場直播機 yolobox yololiv live streaming youtube live facebook live camera live livestream social media 1080P

As you can see, this portable camera live broadcast studio YoloBox Plus represents a new era of live broadcast. Just plug the device into the camera and start streaming. Once connected, you can immediately start broadcasting and publishing your content on YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can even capture two different video sources from DSLR and drone. Use YoloBox Plus to upgrade your live video now!

YoloLiv YoloBox 智能現場直播機  YoloBox YoloLiv camera stream live streaming live-stream youtube live facebook live streaming studio four in one

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