Ultimate Guide of mojipic -- a LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

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How to use Mojipic?

If you are a fan of car interiors or smart technology, then you should acquire this car product-Mojipic! By well-designed, it can perform different tasks and can be durable. You may be puzzled about how to use this "auto part" after obtaining Mojipic. Therefore, so as to solve your problems, the unboxing review will direct you to utilize this creative auto product. I believe you can become a Mojipic authority after reading this ultimate guide!

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display (the most useful car mount and car accessory)_cover page

When I open Mojipic box,

I found that it comes with a satisfying package, inside Includes:

a lighter plug (5 meters), 

a manual,

and a Mojipic device with mount.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_unboxing of Mojipic car accessory (include Mojipic device with mount, manual and lighter plug)

Charging Mojipic

Mojipic may not have enough batteries when it is sent to your home. Hence, you need to charge it. Mojipic lighter plug (5 meters) is in the package box. In your car power outlet (12V), you can charge Mojipic. 


If you want to charge it at home, please ensure the power outlet socket embedded is 12V, and the shape and size of the charging port of the device suit the plug. Mojipic may damage if the output is larger than 12V.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Button and charging port guideline of Mojipic LED car part

Install Mojipic in your car


You can use Mojipic's two suction cups near the display panel to paste it on a  glossy surface such as a window. If you want, you can stick it everywhere such as suspending it on the window at home. The below picture shows you how Mojipc sticks on the tailgate window of the car.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Demonstration of Mojipic auto accessory stuck on the tailgate window

In the event that you need to modify the angle of showing the Mojipic board, you can turn its tilt alteration. It is simple to use.


Turn on/off your Mojipic

When utilizing Mojipic for the first time, you have to turn on the gadget through the "ON" button (on the Mojipic device). On the off chance that you need to close it, just press the same button.


But what if you want to turn Mojipic on or off while driving or leaving the car? Do you want to open or close Mojipic by going to tailgate? No! You can use the Mojipic app to control the on/off of the device.


At the point when you interface your Mojipic gadget to its application, you can deal with your gadget through the application. (The details regarding this application will be discussed in the following) There is a button on the upper right-hand corner of the first page of the application. Then, you can use that button to turn the device on or off.


Another fantastic method I apply is voice-control, I will talk about it later.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_guideline of open and close Mojipic car accessory by Mojipic App (turn on and turn off)

Mojipic Application


Steps to connect Mojipic devices and the application


  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store to download the Mojipic app.


  1. Open Bluetooth and Location of your phone. 


  1. Open the Mojipic application and allow all its permissions, like allowing Mojipic to access your location, allowing Mojipic to record audio, etc.


Remember to open your Mojipic device (long-press the On/OFF button on the gadget), else, your mobile cannot detect the device and show you! If you switch on the Mojipic gadget and the application can show the gadget, you can see the screen exhibits the content like that. After that, please select your device.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Download Mojipic app and Mojipic application interface when connecting the device

Using the gallery in your demonstration screen


There are more than 1500 materials accessible in the week by week update inventory including GIFs, 3D examples, Smiles and Emojis, Flags, Sport Team images, and more. You can load all pictures in the gallery to the Mojipic.


It is anything but difficult to show those pictures. In case you need to show them in a quicker manner, you can load that before you use it. The loading time of the gif is longer than the image. 


  1. Click the picture or gif that you need to show. 


  1. In the event that you simply need to demonstrate the picture with no altering, you can tap the "eye" button. It takes a few seconds to load.


The picture will be seen not long after 🔄 (loading) image appeared


Just the first occasion when you utilize the picture sets aside a long effort to load. After the first run-through, the emoji can be demonstrated right away.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Mojipic Car product application interface of the gallery

Editing Your Own mojipic Design


In addition to using its materials in the gallery, you may also want to design your own car accessories. Time to do this now! Mojipic provides you with the opportunity to certificate your creativity.


According to the following steps, you can edit the image or draw a separate picture.


  1. Click the picture you need to alter. 


  1. Tap the "pen" button close to "eye", at that point the application will show the picture 2 like the accompanying. 


  1. You can make anything you need by their tools. There are various tools arranged for you to draw. 


  1. In the wake of completing your drawing, you can press the save button to spare your works.


Unequivocally propose you add your design to "favorite", it will be simpler for you to search for your work later on. Or on the other hand, you can simply spare it, your Mojipic painting will be put away in "My Drawing" which is in the Gallery.

Ultimate Guide of mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_mojipic application interface of editing your own emoji

On the off chance that you need to draw "on" Mojipic, you can skip step 1 and 2, and go to "Paint" (the bottom center) to make the most of your time. 


There is another route for you to make your own vehicle adornment. You can upload (upper right corner) your own photograph, snap a picture, or utilize an online picture (with URL) to Mojipic. From that point onward, you can spare it like the above advance and show it.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Mojipic application interface of uploading your own photo

Making a gif is a similar manner as making a picture, you can simply press the gif button (in the artistic creation tools bar, you can discover it by sliding the bar). At that point, you can draw something, transfer any picture(s), take photographs to make a gif. Next, spare it for later.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_ Mojipic application interface of editing a gif

Producing QR codes on Mojipic is a quite smart thought to pull in clients, make companions, and so on. In the event that you need to create your own QR code, you can press the QR codes button (upper right corner) and the interface will be this way. You can make it and spare it like the above-mentioned.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Mojipic application interface of making QR code

At the point when you need to utilize your drawing, go "My Drawing" to discover it and show it on Mojipic!

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_mojipic application interface of My Drawing

Real-time Projection of mojipic


Real-time projection is a useful function. You can see the real-time function (the last button) after sliding those painting tools. You can utilize the function to make a real-time projection


A warm cue: painting too quickly will be hard for Mojipic to illustrate. Therefore, if it's not too much trouble, draw it gradually so that Mojipic can follow.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_mojipic application interface of the real-time function

Voice-control function

In some cases, you might want to change the picture on Mojipic. However, when you are driving, you can't free your hands to play the application. Then, you can voice-control the Mojipic! 


Before you start the function of voice control, you have to finish the setting.


  1. Click the voice-control button


  1. Tap the instruction that you need to apply voice control, for instance, "turn on" and "turn off". 


  1. On the off chance that you are utilizing an IOS portable, "Add to Siri" interface will be shown as the accompanying. At that point, click the red button to record your voice for the guidance. 


In the wake of adding your voice to Siri for Mojipic guidance, you can utilize the voice control work. There is no constraint to the recording. This function is simply to record your "voice" however not the substance. You can record anything like "I love you!" to open the Mojipic "turn on" instruction. Subsequently, when you speak "Hey Siri! I love you!", the Mojipic will be turned on consequently. 


You can change your recording every now and then. In this manner, simply record anything you like is alright! If you are an Android client, you can utilize Google assistant to supplant Siri.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Mojipic application interface of the voice-control function

8-bit Game

At the point when you are driving, it will be irritating if your kids continue upsetting you. Then, you can give them a Mojipic. And they can play the 8-piece game introduced in Mojipic. 


  1. Click the "Game" button on the primary page. 


  1. The screen of your versatile will change into a controller of the 8-bit game. 


Your kids can appreciate the game and you can make the most of your driving time! Without a doubt, you can likewise play the game when you are not a driver.

Ultimate Guide of Mojipic -- LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display_Mojipic application interface of 8-bit game



On the off chance that you find that there is no reaction with the gadget and application, you can reset the Mojipic (close to the ON/OFF catch).


From me:


A few days ago, I saw Mojipic on the Internet and thought this car accessory looked impressive. The screen display is not a new product in auto parts. However, these screen displays are different from Mojipic, which has an unusual feature:  exclusive customization and real-time projection. I can demonstrate what I want in real-time on a device without any restrictions. The voice-control function is also great. I can manage my Mojipic through voice instruction. The sound control is more flexible than I thought. (Because I think I should record specific sentences to control different functions, and only record the sound once. But I was wrong!!!) When I am not driving, 8-bit games are fun for me. This is a versatile car gadget, I think everyone should have it.


To sum up my feelings about using Mojipic, I think it is indeed an amazing car accessory, even if it is placed at home as a wall decoration, it is still very useful for improving the quality of life. Hope you can enjoy Mojipic like me!


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