Mojipic VS Common LED Lighting Car Accessories On The Market

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What is/are the difference(s) between Mojipic LED display and common LED lighting car accessories?

I believe that no one wants to drive under bad conditions. Therefore, car decoration has become a basic facility for every car owner. When browsing the Internet recently and want to buy some new decorations for my car, I unexpectedly found the innovative LED interior lighting kit-Mojipic. There are many LED auto parts on the market. However, as far as I am concerned, they cannot attract my attention. Most of them can only make the logo and text brighten up, nothing special. But Mojipic is exceptional in every aspect of all lighting automotive products. Let's take a look at how Mojipic "stands out" in LED interior decoration.


Demo interface


General LED lighting auto parts:

Most LED automotive products only display one or two patterns. The model is standardized. If you want to change this setting, you need to purchase other lighting accessories. This means that the number of patterns you want to change is equal to the number of products you need to buy. Patterns are very common, like some dogs, cats, words, slogans, cartoons and so on. You need to search for a long time to find the auto parts that you think "understand your ideas". If you cannot find a satisfactory car accessory, you may need to customize one for your car.


Mojipic LED display:

There is a product that can solve your problem, called Mojipic. I have to speak highly of this. Mojipic works in conjunction with the Mojipic application. There are more than 1,500 materials in this application for you to demonstrate on Mojipic, such as 3D patterns, GIFs, flags, sports team symbols, smiles and emojis, etc. On only one device, you can choose more than 1500 patterns you want to display. The catalog is updated weekly. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase a large amount of LED car equipment in order to increase the amount of decoration.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display VS Common LED Lighting Car Accessories On The Market_Different image on mojipic


On the other hand, if you want to customize goods, you can use Mojipic's upload function to design your own special car accessories. You can draw, take pictures, upload images or upload pictures with URL to display on Mojipic. For example, you can set your favorite photos on Mojipic and change the images to display from time to time. One product can fulfill multiple wishes.


Therefore, the Mojipic LED display allows users to dynamically change the display content in their applications instead of getting a fixed led display for each icon. You can freely change the icons on the Mojipic car LED matrix display. Within one device, dynamic icons can be changed. When you own Mojipic, you don't need to buy a lot of LED car products to display different icons!




General LED lighting auto parts:

Most of them cannot change the amount of lighting. Maybe the lighting for some of them depends on battery power. When the battery is low, the light will dim.

Mojipic LED display:

You can change the amount of lighting through the app. Assuming that the car has bright lights, it will interfere with other drivers and seriously threaten the safety of other drivers. If you don't want to do this, you can manage the lighting level. You can change it depending on the day or night you use Mojipic.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display VS Common LED Lighting Car Accessories On The Market_light volume of mojipic (day and night)




General LED lighting auto parts:

Usually, you can turn on and off those car accessories on the device. If we want to save battery power while driving, we need to lift the device to turn it on/off. If the car accessories are advanced, there will be a remote control that can be controlled.


Mojipic LED display:

In addition to turning the device on/off directly on the device, Mojipic can also control the device through other methods (application and voice control). By using this application, you can manage the on/off status and image display. The voice control function marks a huge leap in the field of automotive product control. You can control Mojipic by asking Siri and Google Assistant. So when you leave the car, you can still use the Mojipic.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display VS Common LED Lighting Car Accessories On The Market_voice control function of mojipic (interface)




  1. Real-time drawing, photo, and image

If you want to express your creativity, you can use the Mojipic app and demonstrate your design in real-time.


  1. QR code

You can generate a QR code in the Mojipic app and display it on the Mojipic device. Therefore, Mojipic can be used for commercial purposes to improve your reputation. QR codes can be used for promotional menus and business descriptions.


  1. 8-bit game

When Mojipic is not a decoration, it can be an 8-bit game screen. Your phone can be a game board for playing games. You can use Mojipic in your free time.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display VS Common LED Lighting Car Accessories On The Market_8 bit game of mojipic


LED car decoration has become an important part of every car. Hope you can find suitable car accessories (such as Mojipic) for you. If not, try Mojipic!


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Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display