Let's compare different types of scratch maps in the market

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Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages between different types of scratch maps in the market


Do you know why the scratch map was invented? The idea behind the scratch map is that you can take it with you when you travel the world and cross it off where you have been. All you need to do is scrape off the top foil layer and show a whole new world below. The staging map is the perfect way to track your journey and plan the next one! This is definitely an innovative way to mark the countries you have been to. The perfect gift idea for any passionate traveler.

Then, we are going to compare our world scratch map and another brand’s world scratch map. Enjoy reading!


scratch map comparison travel around the world world map scratch map comparison world map deluxe map


Details of World scratch map :

Color: Mainly Turquoise (Light green lake color)

Size: 70 x 50 cm

Weight: 200g

FREE scratch pick

Price: USD$19.9

scratch map comparison world scratch map deluxe map travel map

Details of L Brand World scratch map :

Color: Mainly black and gold

Size: 83 x 59 cm

Weight: 227g

No scratch pick or pen

Price: USD$25.9 


scratch map comparison

World scratch map - Before

World scratch map - before scratching good weather

L Brand World scratch map - Before

scratch map comparison

World scratch map - After

World scratch map - after scratching good weather

L Brand World scratch map - After

scratch map comparison


Both scratch maps have tube sizes, which are suitable for travelers to carry. However, the L Brand World scratches are larger and heavier than the our scratches. It may be more difficult to put it in a backpack or suitcase. The scratch map should be light and compact, so the our scratch map is more suitable for traveling around the world. In addition, L Brand’s map is too large to fit in an IKEA frame, nor can it be hung on the wall. On the other hand, our sketches map are designed in frame size so that you can hang the map as decoration.

scratch map comparison - tube size world scratch map scratch map comparison - frame up world scratch map


The World Scratch Map Pack provides free scratches, while L Brand's maps need to be scratched with coins. The advantage of using scratches is that they will not leave scratches. You can clearly see the hidden color pictures.


B Brand and L Brand

In addition to the L Brand world scratch map, we also found a B Brand world scratch map, which is only half the size of L Brand. The design of B Brand is very similar to that of L Brand, but the pipe diameter is smaller. Some white characters cannot be seen clearly, and the print quality is not satisfactory. After scratching the map with the coin, we can see obvious scratches, which are not found on the world scratch map. One of the important criteria of a scratch map is that it needs to be easily scratched without leaving a mark. Neither L Brand nor this brand's scratch map meets this standard. This is why the simple scratch formula is applied to the map.

scratch map comparison open world scratch map small version scratch map comparison


Let's go back to L Brand and. When we tried to unpack the L Brand map, it was difficult to open the lid to take out the map. The texture of the scratch map is good, but it has a strong plastic smell. For the Our World sketch, it is much easier to take out the map, and the texture of the map is also very good.








Features of L Brand World scratch map:


-Contains detailed information such as altitude, mountains and oceans, proportions, etc.

-Highlight countries, cities, hillshades and state outlines

-Small white characters show more details near the mainland



-The island turns into a golden circle or dot (map printing quality)

-Too many words on the map: Geographic Information> Attractions

-Obvious scratches can be seen, and the layer is not easy to scratch


Features of World scratch map:


- Colorful and attractive > informative

- More small pictures, less words

- With famous landmarks & attractions

- FREE Scratch pick

- Easy scratch formula

World scratch map comparison features World scratch map comparison landmarks World scratch map comparison
World scratch map comparison unclear details World scratch map comparison informative World scratch map comparison


After expanding the world scratch map, we will find that the tones of the two scratch maps are very different. For L Brand, this map is very informative, with many details: the height of the continent, the names of the mountains and oceans, the different scales, etc. Countries, cities, mountain shadows, and state outlines are all highlighted on the map. This looks professional, but these details make the map too complicated and a bit messy. Especially those small white characters close to the mainland and capitals of various countries were pointed out.

scratch map comparison - scratch map comparison - scratch map comparison -


For the world sketch, we can see continents and oceans on the map. Different countries and cities are also marked. The most surprising features are landmarks and famous destinations around the world! The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Mount Fuji and the Colosseum can also be scraped off. When you scrape off the layers, the sights will come to life again with colorful pictures. Our scratch map of the world is designed to leave precious memories and mark every step of the journey. This is why a simple scratching formula and scratching are important to travelers.



It can be seen that the World Scratch map of L Brand is more used for geographic research or information collection, while the World Scratch map is more used for tourist souvenir collection and landmark exploration. Scratch Map allows you to record your travels by scratching the places you have been and displaying a colored map below. We know that you want a beautiful, interactive and unique sketch of the world. This is why the world scratch map is your best choice! We also have Japanese scratch map, Korean scratch map and Thai scratch map. Use the sketch to start your journey now!


Japan scratch map -    thailand scratch map -    Korea scratch map -    World scratch map -