Korea Scratch Travel Map takes you to travel around Korea

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Korea Scratch Travel Map - Our secret to memorizing our trip

In recent years, South Korea has been the headline news in the fields of technology, automobiles, and entertainment. Korean brands such as Samsung and Hyundai are world-renowned brands. People all over the world are watching Korean dramas and listening to Hallyu. Like Japan, Korea has four different seasons-spring, summer, autumn and winter. The most popular time to visit is spring (March to May) and autumn (mid-September to early November), when the weather is ideal and the scenery is the most spectacular.

korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery tube size package portable

When you travel in South Korea, how do you keep track of where you have been and where you will visit next time? This scratch map of South Korea may be your travel companion in South Korea! On the cover of the map of South Korea, you can vaguely see some places in South Korea, colorful and detailed design! I can't wait to spread it! I believe many of you have been to Korea several times and have already visited some famous attractions. Looking at the scratch maps of South Korea now, I found a lot of great places that I haven't been to! Incheon, Busan and Daegu...I hope I will have more opportunities to visit them in the future.


Let's take a closer look...





The Scratch Map package provides a tailored selection of drafts. The scratch map itself is made of Easy Scratch formula, you can easily scrape off the yellow layer and reveal the colorful mystery. Compared with silver coins, the use of a scraper makes it easier to control the angle and scraping force. Suitable for a perfectionist like me!

korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery sticker pick korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery special scratch pick


The theme color of the Korean scratch map is light blue, which represents South Korea is surrounded by the sea🌊. It borders the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Can you smell the sea and the cool breeze?



Let me scratch the part I visited before...Seoul!

For centuries, South Korea’s political, commercial, and artistic center has made Seoul a paradise for travelers. Seoul has some of the most exquisite palaces and temples in the country, including the popular Gyeongbokgung Palace. More and more tourists from around the world are attracted by Seoul's unique culture.

korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery


Seoul is very popular for its food, beautiful scenery and large shopping malls! ! Restored houses and art galleries in the Samcheong-dong district of Seoul, traditional restaurants serving Korean barbecue and bibimbap (vegetables, beef and raw egg rice pot) are side by side with Asian fusion cuisine. Family-run Korean restaurants, tearooms and street vendors are custom in Insadong, where you can buy a cheap and full bowl of noodles.

After scraping off the yellow layer, the green area appeared. I succeeded in bringing Seoul to life again!

korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery

Let me also scratch the "must do" event near Seoul-MBC Dramia, where I can put on Korean traditional costumes and take selfies in front of the historical drama location!

korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery

One of the best things I like about Korea is the food! On the left side of the scratched map of South Korea, you can see what to eat. I immediately chose my favorite food-rice covered with seaweed! (Korean sushi rolls)

korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean map korea travel scratch map 韓國刮刮地圖 刮刮樂 korean stationery



It is also worth noting that we cannot see what is hidden behind us before we scratch. For example, we can only see the shape of three circles before scraping; but three colorful sushi rolls and then the filling.


Let's see how the food comes to life!


We can feel how much effort the good weather has spent on designing these maps to maintain the mystery of the scratched maps. What a thoughtful design!

You can also hang the map on the wall as a decoration. like this! The size of the scratch map is only 40 x 30cm, which is very light and portable. Reminder: The frame can be found at IKEA.

Korea scratch map -  travel to korea frame up home decoration

Time flies. This is the end of our trip to Korea.

If you want to learn more about other Scratch travel maps, please feel free to check out our Japan, Thailand, and world maps!


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