What is MFi Certification?

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MFi certification has been granted to the Lexuma Apple Watch Portable Charger. What is MFi certification and what does it entail?


"Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod" is abbreviated as MFi. MFi accreditation is both an exam and a symbol of technical and brand strength for accessory producers.
Apple MFi certification is a test plan and formal authorization standard produced by Apple for authorized iPhone, iPod, Apple Watch, and iPad accessory makers. The authentic MFi Certification label on the package can only be printed by Apple's officially tested and authorized devices. This "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod" mark can be found on the packaging of some well-known third-party accessory makers in general (such as: Lightning cable, Apple Watch charger, headset, adapter, etc.)


Why Lexuma Wireless Apple Watch power bank has got MFi certification?

1. Each XTAG comes with a charging module that is MFi approved and a unique serial number.
2. Apple must formally approve both the product package and the manufacturer.
3. The charging platform on XTAG is also an original Apple product, providing the greatest Apple Watch charging experience.


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There are two sorts of MFi-certified certificates: technical development certificates and manufacturing certificates. These two certificates allow manufacturers to create and produce related approved products on their own. As a result, MFi certification is not just an authorization certificate that has passed Apple's rigorous testing, but also a certification that demonstrates a company's product development capabilities. The Lexuma XTAG Apple Watch wireless charger has passed Apple's MFi test and has received Apple's official approval. The perfect companion for your Apple Watch is this portable Apple Watch charger! Take a look at this wireless power bank right now!