What is IPX International Rating?

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Lexuma X2O is a water-resistant spray that protects devices to IPX4 and IPX7 standards. What does the IPX international rating entail?


"Ingress Protection" is abbreviated as IP. It is a measurement of an item's resistance to solid materials (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) as well as liquids.
An IP address is made up of two numbers. The first number pertains to solid object protection (dust, for example), whereas the second number refers to liquid object protection.

IPX rating - technology blog IPX4 IPX7 international levels

What is IP Rating?

Each IP rating is comprised of two integers, both of which provide information about the level of protection. A higher number indicates stronger resistance to solids and liquids.
- The first number (0-6) indicates the degree of protection provided against solid items and moving parts, such as dust, debris, or other solid materials.
- The second number (0-8) refers to the liquid and moisture resistance level.
Take a look at the chart below to get a better idea of the level of protection provided by each number.

IPX rating - technology blog IP rating chart

Lexuma X2O waterproof spray for electronics and industrial gear is water resistant to IPX4 and IPX7 standards. If you use X2O, your gadget will be unaffected by water splashes from any angle or even submersion in 1 meter of water. Are you curious about this water repellent spray? Now is the time to check out X2O waterproof spray!