The Lexuma XBud-Z True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds are ideal for working out and listening to music.

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Do you want to listen to hi-fi music while working out? Choose these Bluetooth 5.0 truly wireless earphones!

Many individuals can't imagine working out without headphones, whether it's a bright or rainy day. For sports enthusiasts, high-tech wireless earbuds are required. Citizens are concerned about the sound quality as well as the functionality. As a result, we'd like to provide you an overview of Lexuma's new XBud-Z Bluetooth true wireless earbuds.

XBud-Z comes in two different colors: black and white. The earphones' Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures a more robust wireless connection while using less power. The 10-35 meter connection range also allows users to listen to music without interruption.

Lexuma XBud-Z True wireless Earbuds with black and white color

The XBud-Z has an extraordinarily large battery capacity of 60 mAh each earbud. You can listen to music for 7.5 hours or make phone calls for 5 hours when it's fully charged. You can listen to music during your workout without worrying about the wireless earbuds running out of battery.Lexuma XBud-Z True wireless earbuds white case design

When it comes to the charging case, it has a transparent and sleek design with a 2600 mAh battery that can fully charge the earphones 20 times. If your smartphone device's battery runs out, the charging case can also serve as a power bank. After using XBud-Z, we no longer need to pack an extra power bank.

.Lexuma XBud-Z True wireless earbuds 2600 mAh battery cases can fully charge the earbuds

For high-end wireless earphones, superior music performance is required. The XBud-16-watt Z's Hi-Fi speaker makes the voice more understandable and clean. The XBud-higher Z's frequency range and sensitivity produce greater sound, and we can now enjoy beautiful music while exercising.Lexuma XBud-Z True wireless earbuds 16Ω HiFi speaker makes the voice more sensible and pure

Why do we have to say that XBud-Z is the ideal workout companion? The IPX7 international protection of the XBud-Z ensures that it is properly protected from water and sweat. It is very simple to sweat when participating in athletic activities in hot or humid weather. Waterproof earphones are typically required by athletes to avoid earbuds being damaged by sweat or water. Because of the moist atmosphere, many who enjoy swimming look for completely waterproof earbuds. The XBud-Z has a dual operating mode that allows users to use only one side of the earphones. You can listen to your workout trainer while also listening to music!

Lexuma XBud-Z True wireless earbuds IPX7 international protection which perfectly protected from water and sweat


'Is it pleasant to use during a workout?' you might wonder. The ergonomic design of the in-ear design suits your ears perfectly. When you twist the earbuds up to 60 degrees, they will properly fit your ear canal and you will feel ultra-comfortable even throughout extended workouts or daily activities. We also need to consider the issue of earbud hygiene. We can wash our earphones straight in water because the Xbuds-Z is water and perspiration resistant. It's now much easier and more comfortable to use and clean.Lexuma XBud-Z True wireless earbuds in-ear design ergonomically fits your ears

The new age earbuds, after examining the XBud-Z, can deliver amazing performance and a variety of key tasks. For sporty people, wireless earbuds will become the new prize and necessity. Do you want to try an excellent pair of workout earbuds? Now is the time to click it!

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