Reason of Power Bank Accidents

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How to avoid power bank mishaps and safely charge


Airlines do not allow passengers to store power banks in their bags or suitcases for a variety of reasons. They actually do this for the sake of safety. Accidents using power banks can occur under specific circumstances, resulting in property damage and even fire. As a result, it's critical that we understand why this could happen and try to avoid power bank explosions.


1. Unsatisfying Battery Quality

Power banks are nothing more than lithium-ion batteries. The majority of power banks on the market are made of Lithium-ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries, with the latter being the less expensive alternative. Because lithium batteries have a proclivity for combusting, they are restricted for cargo transit under air-transport standards. To save money, some manufacturers prefer to use Lithium-ion batteries. Some others even go so far as to use recycled batteries. This raises the likelihood of an explosion occurring at a later period.

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2. Wrong Circuit Design

Another possible cause of explosion is a power bank's internal circuit architecture. Many performance-related features of a power bank are influenced by circuit design. A solid circuit design ensures that the power bank has all of the critical circuit protections that are necessary for the power bank's dependability. Overvoltage, short circuit, and temperature variations are all precautions to take. The risk of power banks exploding increases if the circuit design does not comply with the battery's safety criteria. A decent circuit design for a power bank includes the following:

-Power protection: A well-constructed power bank should have this feature. This is a feature that ensures the battery stops charging when it reaches its maximum capacity.
-Short circuit protection: To prevent short circuits, a good power bank's circuit should be thoroughly insulated. (A short circuit occurs when two wires come into contact.)
-Temperature control: The ideal power bank should have some type of temperature control, such that it shuts down to cool down once it reaches a certain temperature.
If one or more of these aren't included in the power bank, there's a good possibility it'll explode in the future.


3. Improper Usage of Power Bank

One of the variables that can lead to power bank accidents is improper power bank usage. Exposing the battery to a dangerous environment, such as high temperature or humidity, is considered battery mishandling. Some people may make the mistake of leaving the power bank in a hot environment. This has the potential to result in an explosion. Overcharging is another example of poor battery handling, particularly when the power bank lacks the power protection mechanisms that come standard with the battery.

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What can we do to prevent?

  • Avoid non-certified or extremely low-cost chargers at all costs. These dangerous power banks can easily overheat or even explode, causing damage to your equipment.
  • Overcharging is not a good idea. Many individuals use power banks to charge their phones at night and then unplug the charging cable the next morning. This is risky since it will damage both your phone and the power bank.
  • DO NOT CONNECT ANY DEVICE WHILE THE POWER BATTERY IS CHARGING - It is critical not to connect any device to the power bank while it is charging, as this may cause the device to overheat or cause technical damage to the device.


The occurrence of a power bank exploding is perilous and can result in unfortunate events. If safety precautions are taken, the risk of power banks exploding rises dramatically. Having a suitable circuit design, maintaining the battery's condition, and avoiding overcharging power banks can considerably reduce the likelihood of hazardous power bank risks. We are concerned about your security. As a result, our Apple Watch power banks are secure and effective for daily charging. Please feel free to look around!

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