How to detect hidden cameras? A hidden camera detector can help you!

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Worried about being watched and recorded? Integrated detector Lexuma XScan can protect your privacy

Do you have any safety concerns? Do you often worry about being monitored and broadcast live? In a stranger's house, changing clothes in the public locker room, preparing for the gym...

You are certainly not alone, and making such an assumption is by no means delusional. Read the following news and find that hidden cameras that are common in some poorly managed residences are becoming more common:


California couple finds hidden cameras in bedroom and bathroom of Airbnb rental, lawsuit claims


Forget about bed bugs-your short-term rent may be related to surveillance cameras. According to a new lawsuit, a California Airbnb host allegedly placed three hidden cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of a suite he rented to an unsuspecting couple last year.


The fact is that we can never predict when and where the hidden camera will watch and record, especially in places we are not familiar with. Nowadays, hidden cameras are usually disguised as any everyday objects. For example, smoke detectors, wall clocks, mugs and photo frames. Since they are usually not larger than pinholes, our naked eyes may not be able to detect them.


This requires Lexuma XScan, a multifunctional portable detector that can detect hidden cameras, manage your property, and even prevent theft and intrusion!


Hidden Camera Detection : Scanning Suspicious Objects

Whether it's a holiday home, a hotel room or your own house after renovation, you can always rely on Lexuma XScan and check any unfamiliar spaces to ensure your privacy. To detect hidden cameras, the device emits a red light, and detects radio waves, magnetic fields, hidden wired or wireless camera devices through infrared scanning.


All you need to do is to aim the detector at any suspicious place and observe through the viewfinder on the detector. Then, by reflecting the red light point back, any hidden cameras can be found. Using the device to discover reflective camera lenses on all surfaces will help you easily discover hidden cameras.

Please pay special attention to check whether there are abnormal brands on the wall-mounted devices and electronic devices. You may find unexpected things. If you can't find the reflected red light, then you are probably in a safe place and there is no camera. If you find any suspicious items, please pull them out, rearrange or even destroy them. Most importantly, please call the nearby security department.


2. Motion Alert: Avoiding Theft and Malicious Break ins 

When you activate the motion alert mode, XScan can be used as a motion sensor in addition to being a detector. Nothing is more important than the safety and feeling safe. When you get home and don’t want to be disturbed, hang the device on the door handle so that it can keep you alert and warn you when something suspicious of movement moves around the door, or even if you intend to move. break-in.

Once the sensor detects movement nearby, it will immediately trigger a loud noise and sound for at least 15 seconds. You will be protected equivalent to any security system, and any form of malicious intrusion may be prohibited.



If you want to prevent valuables from being stolen, this feature can also work well. If you stay in the same place for a longer period of time, or have to leave the item temporarily, hang Lexuma XScan on the item and turn on the motion alert mode.

If any thieves and stalkers touch your bag, they will definitely be intimidated by the 130dB loud alarm. This detector is perfect for protecting your belongings when you are sitting in a cafe or waiting for a flight at the airport.



3. Separation Alert : Never Leave Your Bag Behind

Do you often drop your bags? You don’t have to regret an irreparable mistake. You can do something before committing another mistake. After obtaining Lexuma XScan, all you need to do is to download the corresponding tracking application SwiftFinder on your phone and then pair it with the device. Then, there are at least five ways to help you never lose your bag and gradually remember to take everything with you:




  1. Once the isolation alarm switch is turned on, an alarm will sound on the phone to remind you whether you have forgotten your luggage.
  2. If you have separated from the package, you can track its location at any time by clicking the ringtone button on the app. Then, the device in your bag will immediately sound an alarm to facilitate finding, just like the function of playing a sound in the "Find My iPhone" app.
  3. You can view recent driving records recorded in the app and perform a thorough search of your luggage after rechecking the location.
  4. To help you search and find the trunk to the greatest extent, Lexuma also provides a community search function, indicating that your device has automatically connected to other XScan devices, and the updated location will be sent to your mobile phone.
  5. In addition, friends and family who use XScan devices can also help you search for lost items on their apps.


4. Emergency Lifesaver: LED Flashlight and Loud Alarm

If the above features are not impressive enough, then Lexuma XScan, as an all-in-one portable device suitable for anyone with a safety hazard, must be equipped with two simple but essential functions: LED flashlight and loud alarm , In an emergency when you need it. These features may be common, but they can definitely save you some phone batteries for more important purposes. Whenever the lights and electricity go out, or you are tracked or trapped somewhere, you can always use the device to immediately seek help and scare any robbers or stalkers. The simplest function of this device may be your savior.


Are you ready to take the initiative and take things into your own hands? Buy now and let yourself have a more protected and safe life!