How to choose a smart LED lighting gadget?

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Do you know what is "Smart LED lighting gadget"?

In this bustling city, people seek a relaxed and convenient life after getting off work every day. In view of the needs of these people, the concept of smart homes emerged. Smart LED gadgets are part of the smart home. It is using technology to let you enjoy life. You can remotely control the smart system at home through your mobile phone and computer, without manually controlling the buttons on the LED gadget.

Based on the concept of "Smart LED Gadgets", you may be confused about how to implement it at home. Here are some examples to help you take action to buy smart lighting for your house.

Smart lighting

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


Smart bulbs are useful LED gadgets that can be installed without taking too long. This is the most convenient and simple way to realize smart lighting. Color, color temperature or brightness can be adjusted according to the type of bulb purchased.

Usually, smart switches will be used with smart light bulbs. If you want to install this LED gadget smoothly, you need to understand the wiring of some traditional switches. If you don't want to buy many smart bulbs at once, you can save money by replacing the smart switch directly.

Smart light strips are another option for smart lighting. The power source of this light bar is a wall socket, so the installation position of the LED tool has a high degree of freedom. Suitable for beautifying and enhancing the lighting atmosphere of the indoor environment.

If you want to use natural light, you can consider applying smart technology to curtains. Smart curtains will help you adjust the intensity of sunlight entering the room from the window. Therefore, you can upgrade home curtains to smart curtains!


Do you sometimes want to express your feelings to your family, but you don’t know how to say it? Do you sometimes want to replace certain decorations in your home? There is a smart LED widget for you to use - Mojipic.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

Smart Decoration

We will always want to change the decoration of our home. However, we understand that even just buying some small accessories, constantly changing decorations will result in high costs. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a display board to display the content you want to display at home. Now it is recommended that you use the Mojipic LED display board. You can control the LED display through your phone (the app), and the Mojipic app can easily manage the display items and brightness.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display


The usual LED display panel can only display one or two graphics. This is not enough for you! So Mojipic can meet your needs. There are more than 1500 kinds of materials for you to display. When using a Mojipic LED display with its Mojipic app, you will find some GIFs, emojis, sports signs, plants, etc. These materials provide you with the opportunity to replace the wall decoration at home. You can display different charts every day as needed. If you think 1500 materials are not enough, don’t worry! The Mojipic app will update its catalog every week. Therefore, you can change the LED display monitor through the Mojipic app to keep the interior design novel.


Personalize your smart decoration

If you are still not satisfied with the materials in the Mojipic LED display catalog and think they are not enough to show your personality, you can try other features on Mojipic-upload. When using the upload function in the Mojipic app, you can create your own decoration at home. By drawing, uploading a photo from the album (or immediately taking a photo via the camera) and loading an image from the Internet (with URL), the photo and image will be demonstrated on the Mojipic LED matrix screen. You can create your own decoration in this way. This will be the most special wall decoration at home.


QR code 

In the Mojipic application, you can generate a QR code to achieve many things, and you can create and spread the link in the form of a QR code to your family.


Where can you apply this feature at home? Imagine if you still have pocket money, you can put a collection QR code in it to remind them to give you money. Or do you have the habit of keeping a diary? When you want to tell your family what happened that day, you can write an online diary and make a QR code for your online diary. Then, your family will know your experience of the day after scanning the QR code displayed on the display of the Mojipic LED display. But of course, if you just want to express your emotions, you can use the material in the gallery. For example, if you were angry that day, you can let your family know that you will not be offended. I believe that the Mojipic LED display will promote communication between your family.

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

Voice-control function

Using a mobile phone to control the Mojipic LED display is "smart", but it is not enough. In addition to managing Mojipic through the app, you can also talk to Mojipic. If you preset your voice into the app, you can use your voice to control the app. You can talk to Google Assistant or Siri to control the Mojipic LED display, such as managing display items, on or off status, brightness, etc. You can let go of Mojipic. The only puzzling thing is to say what to remotely control the function because you can say anything you want, the app only records your voice, not the content.

Real-time projection

Is it not enough just to express your mood with painting? Do you want anything else? The Mojipic LED widget can help you! The real-time projection function allows you to draw the application and display the drawing in real-time on the Mojipic device. When gathering with friends, you can play "drawing" with them on the Mojipic LED display. This will be fun!

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

8-bit game

The Mojipic LED gadget not only contains the demo function but also contains the function of the 8-bit game. If you have children, Mojipic can be an 8-bit gaming monitor, and a mobile phone can be a gamepad. Your child can play pre-installed 8-bit games in Mojipic. You can also play with Mojipic in your free time!

Mojipic Voice-controlled LED Emoji Car Tailgate Display

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