Comparison of Apple AirPods with TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

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Let's compare the Apple Airpods And True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds together


Apple fans are always eagerly anticipating new Apple device releases, such as the new iPhone, Apple Watch series, and so on. Apple just released AirPods, its first wireless headphones designed specifically for iOS devices. As expected, despite the hefty retail price, consumers all around the world are clamoring for the new Bluetooth AirPods. Are there any alternative wireless earphones with comparable quality and features? Take a look at how AirPods stack up against our TWS Bluetooth Earbuds.

Table of Comparison

Apple AirPods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison table technology blog wireless earbuds bluetooth earphones


The selling price can be the first thing on a customer's mind. We all know that Apple items, such as the new iPhone XR and AirPods, are notoriously expensive. Although Apple is known for its high quality products, $159 USD is out of reach for a big portion of the world's population.

This is one of the key reasons why some Apple enthusiasts have opted for less expensive Bluetooth earbuds. TWS Bluetooth earphones, for example, are only $29.99 right now because they're on sale. (If you can't wait to try it out, get one today!)


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison pairing up with devices

Second, in terms of technology, both Apple AirPods and our Bluetooth earbuds used Bluetooth wireless technology to connect the earbuds to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or iOS system. Our TWS earphones, on the other hand, use Bluetooth 4.2, which ensures a more reliable connection between the earbuds and the smartphone. Some consumers have complained that the AirPods' Bluetooth connection is unstable and that they sometimes disengage from the device automatically. This is due to the upgrade from Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 4.2, which improved communication.


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison blog noise cancellation

Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison blog features of wireless earbuds

Apart from Bluetooth and True Wireless Stereo technology, noise isolation and in-ear design are also two crucial factors for earbuds. We all want crystal clear and smooth sound quality when listening to music or chatting with friends. If the background noise is not isolated by the earbuds, we won't be able to hear well. For earbuds, sound quality definitely is the top priority!

Moreover, some customers reported that AirPods do not stay in the ears firmly and keep slipping off. This is why in-ear design is the key for wireless earbuds. Since we don't have a wire to connect two earbuds, the earbuds need to be fit in the ears even when jogging or doing exercise. Sports lovers like listening to music during exercising and our TWS wireless earbuds are perfect for them.


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison blog with charging case

Both the AirPods and our TWS earbuds have charging cases. AirPods have a 398mAh battery, but our TWS wireless earbuds charging case has a 500mAh battery. Customers choose a charging case with a large battery capacity because wireless earphones require constant charging throughout the day. When the earphones run out of battery, simply place them into the charging box. The Bluetooth earbuds are ready to use again after 30 minutes!


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison blog functions of buttons

Let's move on to Music Play Time and Standby Time now that we've covered the technology parts. The music play duration per charge for AirPods is 5 hours, compared to 3 hours for our TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, as seen in the comparative table. Although AirPods have a longer play duration, their charging case has a smaller charging capacity. AirPods have a standby time of 24 hours, while our TWS earbuds have a standby time of 72 hours. We usually listen to music when we have free time and turn off the headphones when we go to work. We're all hoping that the battery will last till we get off work and can unwind at home with some soothing music. Both AirPods and our TWS earbuds have their own strengths and areas for growth in these two areas.


Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison compatible with all bluetooth devices

Finally, we'll look at the last factor: applicability. If we spend money on earphones, we want them to work with a variety of electronic devices, such as Samsung, HTC, Apple, and others. AirPods, on the other hand, are exclusively compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. Our TWS wireless earbuds, on the other hand, are compatible with Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and smartphones such as the iPhone, HTC, Android, and Blackberry. This earbud is compatible with any smartphone, regardless of the brand. All Bluetooth-enabled gadgets are invited to join us!


To summarize, Apple AirPods are pricey due to its True Wireless Stereo feature, long music runtime, and portable charging case. If these characteristics are important to you, take a look at our TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, which provide these features at a significantly lower price. Take a look at it right now!

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Apple Airpods and TWS bluetooth earbuds comparison