3 Reasons Why You Need Mini Dash Cam In Cars

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Why We Need Security Dash Camera In Cars?


We need mini hidden security cameras at home to keep our family and property safe. So do our cars! With a security camera installed at the dash window, it can save you from becoming the victim of an insurance scam. Even if you follow all the rules of the road, and even if you drive defensively, it’s extremely likely that you’ll eventually run into someone who is careless in driving. Whether you're someone who drives short distances for your daily commute or you're planning an epic road trip, installing a security camera in your car can save you a lot of grief and prevent unnecessary traffic accidents.


Reason 1 - Catch Dangerous Drivers On Roads

Whether you've gotten into an accident with another car, witnessed a horrifically violent case of road rage, or even spot a far-off accident happen from your car, a car security camera has your back and provides concrete video evidence for you. These cameras have achieved massive popularity in Russia, where video evidence of traffic accidents is preferable to spoken testimony in court.

Car security camera can pick up on information your brain might have been too distracted to notice, like license plates in case of a hit and run or how the dangerous driver looks like. With Lexuma Mini 1080P Wireless Security Camera, it can 150-degree record any dangerous drivers that may potentially putting you in any danger.

imartcity why we need car security cameras dash cam for private cars three reaons why accidents


Reason 2 - Protect Yourself From Fraud

Fraud isn't super common, but when it happens, it can quickly turn into a he-said-she-said situation. Witnesses can be unreliable, and without any tangible evidence, it'll be your word against theirs and vice versa. One common method is the “swoop and squat”, where a driver swoops in front of another driver, only to quickly stop, causing a fender bender type accident they can use to extort money from the driver victim.

For protecting yourself against insurance fraud cases, you should get a security camera with night vision and wide angle. So even if you are driving in the dark, the dash camera can record the traffic situation and provide clear video and image as evidence. This is why you need this Mini Night Vision Security Camera For Cars!

imartcity why we need car security cameras dash cam for private cars three reaons why evidence


Reason 3 - Film Your Road Trips

Who said car mini cameras are only for traffic accidents? For frequent road trip travelers and creative film makers, you can also record beautiful sights and the traveling journey with a dash camera! It can be a really fun way to track the road part of your vacation, and keep those really special memories.

Simply record long stretches of highway through the desert or the winding and bustling streets of New York City. Keep your dash cam filming through your entire road trip and you'll be sure to have unique and valuable footage you would have never thought to capture with your iPhone or DSLR camera.

imartcity why we need car security cameras dash cam for private cars three reaons why road trip recording


Above are the three main reasons why mini security car cameras are needed for private cars or even trucks. It can provide evidence for car accidents and prevent insurance frauds. It is also a special way to record your journey from a different angle. Why not get one now?

imartcity why we need car security cameras dash cam for private cars three reaons why

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